In Santiago del Chile, a small start-up revolution is taking place in a historic Liberty-style building called Palazzo Concha Y Toro, just steps away from the Moneda Palace. Exosphere is a physical place that intends to revolutionize the way in which entrepreneurs create successful businesses by offering both a community and tools. Think co-working plus fablab and a bit of business incubator. The emphasis is on physical objects, so the target business is that of Makers.

Exosphere is a project by an Italian, Antonio Manno, along with a team of international visionaries. This Italian engineer worked at Fiat and in the internet world, but two years ago moved to Santiago del Chile, attracted by the city's potential and beauty. He says the choice of Santiago is a macroeconomic one: "In the current context of economic crisis, which we feel is deeply structural and not near resolution, Chile stands out amongst the best countries in the world for entrepreneurship because of its social and political stability, low level of state involvement and bureaucracy, and lack of barriers to international commerce." It's also handy that Chile's nature is marvelous! Santiago is a small and accessible capital that is more European in style than its more chaotic South American neighbours. Within an hour you're skiing in the Andes and in the other direction you're lying on a splendid beach.

Antonio Manno


Should the country sound like a paradise, the location chosen for Exosphere is, too. Antonio explains it like this:

"Imagine a splendid location in which to encounter entrepreneurs, artisans, experts, business angels, gurus, musicians, thinkers and so many other types of people from every corner of the world. A gym for the brain and the body, fed by cultural exchange, in which to stimulate your business ideas. With a dedicated area that contains every tool you can imagine, from the most ancient to the newest 3D printers, with which you can make concrete objects, rediscovering the joy of tactile creativity. All this with a community of friends who will help and support you with your concrete business idea. This is the place for companies ready to make a profit right away by producing products that resolve real needs and problems."

Opening at the end of March 2013, Exosphere will be offering workshops, labs and events on things like coding, using 3D printers, agriculture, art etc., as well as regular access for members to use co-working spaces and tools. Working groups will address specific themes and help members reach their goals.

The space is perfect for Makers, and Antonio hopes that some Italians will join him there. He says everyone is welcome - no experience necessary. Membership at Exosphere ranges from 100 to 200 euros a month depending on the services chosen. It's a place in which to share, with friends from around the world, a dream, an idea, a business adventure.



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