The southern Italian designer Salvatore Epifani, from Lecce, is looking for backers through the Italian crowdfunding portal Eppela in order to create a new line of lamps. We backed his project and wanted to share it with you by asking him a few questions about his work as an artisan.

Tell us about yourself!

I am Salvatore Epifani, born in Lecce in 1965, I moved to Milan in '83 to study interior and product design and while I was there I worked as a model for some of the most prestigious fashion houses of that era. In 1991 I moved to London for a few years, attending Design at the University of the Arts, but in 1996 I decided to return to my native city and open my studio-lab, Epifani Lab. It's a project of functional design, real products for one's life. Over the years, I have held numerous collaborations with the art and design world, and participate in all the design fairs - I've worked with Poltrona Frau, shown at the Salone del Mobile (satellite) in Milan, in galleries, at the Triennale design museum in Milan, at fairs in Barcelona and Madrid as well as Paris. I also participate in and sometimes win design contests (like Material Connexion which I won in 2004).

What is Epifani Lab?

Epifani Lab is the lighting workshop that has been making artisan lamps for years now. Materials and techniques are determined by a careful analysis of the atmosphere in which the product will reside. Malleable metals meet vegetable fibres - I use only the best quality steel combined with vegetable based paper from Thailand and the Himalayas.

Structural elements and the paper shades require a lot of patience and dedication, and nothing is left to chance. The fibres are very delicate and require experience and care. The final object is controlled both manually and visually to make sure there are no strucural or colour mistakes. It's a tailored product, which is what gives Epifani Lab an advantage on the market, making products that are not serial or industrial but 100% made by hand.

Why did Epifani Lab choose to use Crowdfunding?

I have launched a new collection called Atmospherique Modular Collection with which i wish to extend traditional artisan design and manufacture to a larger number of people. This is possible if one can lower the commercial cost and risk, so we decided to share the idea directly with future clients who are thus involved in its creation. These objects will only be made if people want it, by helping raise the goal of 5000 euros.

Eppela is a wonderful platform through which design can reach people and projects are given real life due to the exchange between people and makers.

MakeTank chose two Lamp_Bretta's as the crowdfunding reward. Tell us about this product.

Lamp_Bretta is a fun table lamp made by printing on forex (PVC). The idea behind it is the desire to offer design to anyone at a reasonable cost. It is the start of a project on which will be based a further collection.

Now it is your turn: go take a look at Salvatore's magnficent collection on Eppela - you'll never have another opportunity to take an active role in a project like this, so take advantage now and become an important part of the creative process.


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