On the occasion of International Womens' Day (March 8) we thought about how our lives, as women, are strongly influenced by the objects that we interact with throughout the day. What if we imagine a day in which we only encounter beautiful, functional objects made for the most part locally and customized just for us?

Imagine waking up and reaching over to turn on the 01 Lamp that sits upon your very original, hand-forged night-table... Taking your cell phone and jewelry out of the UFO-inspired metal container and rushing the kids to school and yourself to work. Finally you can enjoy a cup of coffee in your sunny office space, in front of your iMac, sipping from the ceramic hanging mug made by a young Italian designer.

Off to a client's to give a presentation before the end of the day, your data is not just "at hand" but on your finger in the USB ring (made just for you in the colours and size you chose). Back home you find dinner cooked for you and the table set with a romantic candle, because while we're dreaming, your partner has cooked dinner for you! Afterwards, rather than watching TV, you can sit down together and enjoy some "time to make", assembling a unique educational kit by LOfficina.

The day is short and there's so much to fit into it. Let's make a commitment to making as much of that day beautiful.


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