You never know when your laptop might be run over by a Fiat 500, thrown off a skyscraper, or fall into a fountain... or perhaps fall prey to rather more banal damage. If you're at all worried about the integrity of your computer, support ViVAX, the first totally indestructible laptop case. It's the invention of a young Italian - Mattia Ventura from Rome - whose project is currently on Kickstarter.

We liked it and immediately wanted one so we are supporting the project and want to help Mattia reach his goals - perhaps his answers to our interview questions will help!

MakeTank: Who are you and how did you get the idea for ViVAX?

Mattia Ventura: "I'm a young creative from Rome with a passion for design and new materials. The idea for ViVAX came out of the need to create a product that can offer a high level of protection for one of the most important objects in our daily life - the laptop. This is something that concerns many professionals, like photographers and journalists, but also travelers or anyone who cares about the work contained on one's laptop."

MT: How come you decided to fund it on Kickstarter?

MV: "I think that crowdfunding is one of the main paths that a startup can take, and Kickstarter is a unique solution that gives a creative like me the possibility of marketing a product very quickly, generating a first international test market."


MT: What are the strong points of ViVAX?

MV: "ViVAX is the only solution of its type of the market in which it is being proposed. It's a super high level of protection but is also compact and elegant, uses avant-guarde materials, all for the single goal of protecting your laptop in every possible situation."

We chose to help Mattia with a donation of 59,00 pounds so that we can get our laptop case in safety orange - MakeTank's colour! If you want one or just like Mattia's idea and want to support him, here's the link: Good luck, Mattia!


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