This weekend in Florence, the MakeTank team attended another workshop by FabLab Firenze in the same series as the one we did about Arduino. This time the format was talks and demonstrations, with a small exhibit and questions, rather than a hands-on workshop. What struck us in particular, though, was the social opportunity that workshops like this offer. On a rainy Saturday afternoon, people came out to learn, chat, touch and connect. If your local fablab or any association offers workshops, make sure you get involved, because this is where we can best create a community and grow together through the exchange of ideas.

A seasonal welcome to the classroom at SAM!

The workshop was held in the Oltrarno area of Florence at SAM (Spazio Arti e Mestieri), a building that houses resident artisans. It was one of their monthly open weekends, so there were other workshops and a Christmas market going on, which was great because some people stopped by just out of curiosity. As usual, the talk was attended by people of all ages, and a good balance of women and men.

Listening to the lesson

Making connections in the atrium

There was a display of Laser-cut items by Pasquale of Monolith design and 3D printed items by the Kentstrappers. Both Pasquale and Luciano talked about the possibilities of creating with the technologies and machines in their possession. While we didn't make anything together, one could almost see ideas being formed as we learned about the limits and options available to each machine, and it was also a real pleasure to touch and see items displayed as they were. Enjoy the photos!

3D printed squirrel on top of laser cut wood box, being observed by traditional terracotta statue made by local artisans.

Laser-cut wood Bialetti style coffee maker - an Italian icon (by Monolith Design)

Luciano Cantini of Kentstrappers shows balloon-powered 3d printed car

Touching 3D printed objects


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