We use 547,5 milion pizza boxes per year in this world, and Fattelo! is a lamp that anyone can make by reusing a pizza box. It's a cool Italian design object, and it needs YOU. Fattelo! (which is literal Italian for do-it-yourself) has put their lamp project on Eppela, an Italian crowdfunding platform, and MakeTank was amongst its very first supporters. Now, we want to let our readers know about this cool product that is perfectly alligned with Maker values and that we hope you, too, will support it.

Fattelo!'s 01 Lamp is an open source lamp that anyone can download for free and build on their own with a tweet or facebook share. Add your own LED light and personalize it, and it's yours. You can also upload it to the website to share your personalization with the community.

But if we all download the 01 Lamp for free, how will our awesome Italian heroes economically sustain their project? Well, the guys in the picture below (Antonio from Florence, Daniele from Ancona, Federico from London and Mattia from Milan) believe that everyone should be able to choose between buying or making the lamp: "If you buy it, you're supporting the project economically, but if you make it, you're still giving a precious contribution to it through ideas and participation." This is a truly open concept, and since openness is so important to the Maker movement, we can't help but embrace it and adore these guys. That's why we gave them 200 euros towards their goal (and we'll be getting 10 lamps out of the deal).

We hope you'll do the same. Run over to Eppela and support the project Fattelo! on Eppela) starting from only 5,00€! For a bit more, your support will buy you a 01 Lamp which would make an original Christmas gift from Italian Makers. If the project is successfully crowdsourced, Fattela! will be able to develop their business and we're sure they will make more great things in the future.


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