Halloween is fast approaching and, to hold up your reputation as a Maker, you don't want to be stuck with standard, store-bought decorations and candies, nor traditional candy distribution methods!

Have no fear, MakeTank has teamed up with Flod's illustrator, Leo Cardini, to present the first edition of 'Distructables' - wonderfully bad ideas that could actually be good.

You will need:
-1 access to fablab with 3d food printer, laser cutter
-1 arduino kit with voice recognition
-1 large candy distributor
-selection of pumpkins, halloween decorations, and candies.

Here are our three proposed projects.

1) Laser-carved pumpkin

If you actually want to do it: see this video

2) Chocolate 3D-printed ghosts, skeletons and monsters

If you actually want to do it: Buy the chocolate printer for about 3000 euros

3) Canduino: Arduino-controlled candy distributor

If you actually want to do it: you will need to develop Arduino vocie recognition capabilities in order to identify childrens' requests, you may wish to also develop a way of identifying the kid's age and quality of costume in order to offer less or more candy accordingly. Maybe Arduino Due can help.

Next, decide what 'tricks' the machine might offer when it does not wish to hand out candy. Then, hack your large candy distributor and hide from the police.

3  hand drawn vignettes by Leo Cardini (www.flod.it)


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