Finally the time has come. After a long wait the Arduino Team has released Arduino Due (du-eh, like the number two in Italian).

Starting today at the price of $49, the Due features some major improvements with respect to the Uno and the Leonardo released this summer. Two micro USB ports (one for programming and communications and one to use the Due as client or host) and for the first time a digital-analog converter are the main features you might want to experiment with right away.

The new Atmel chip will allow much higher sampling rate making giving a boost to most advanced scientific instruments, drones with more sensors and more accurate 3D printers.

In the Wired article where we found this announcement, Massimo Banzi shared some of his thoughts on this new baby. Needless to say he's enthusiastic even though he suggests to start you Arduino hands-on training with the Uno.

As soon as we grab one Arduino Due we will let your know our thoughts; in the meantime let us know what you think about the projects you might create with the possibilities of the Due.





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