They're calling it the "Third Industrial Revolution" - what is it really? For anyone in the Florence, Italy area interested in learning more about this movement (and seeing it up close), the event not to miss is on Monday September 24th, 2012, at 7pm - the fourth annual ToscanaIN startup world event (held in Italian). The translated title is "Print me a startup - the Third Industrial Revolution: fad or new entrepreneurial model." We'll see who the protagonists of the new movement are in Italy, what products are destined to change our lives, and what form the economy might take in the next decades thanks to this movement.

Foto: Kent Strapper (blog) di opere di Analogico/Digitale, Milano

In the United States, people like Chris Anderson, editor in chief of Wired magazine (USA) are big promoters of what is well known as the Makers movement, which has also been touted by major economics news outlets like The Economist and Forbes. The movement comes from the lowered entry point price of new technologies for 3D printing and the easy availability and use of open hardware like Arduino. While strong in the States, the movement in Italy is just getting started.

Yet it is here, in Tuscany, that the Makers are most active, and you'll find most of them in Florence, a city with a long artisan tradition. A Makers' ecosystem is being born and is starting to come up with good ideas and make products in which technology and manual artisan skills are perfectly fused.

This ToscanaIN event will be hosted in the impressive Sala Cenacolo at the famous Accademia di Belle Arti di Firenze (via Ricasoli 66) - we love how this traditional locus of artistic production is opening up to innovation, extending creativity of the past into the present.

What do you think, is the idea of "Makers, Made in Italy" the start of a major and new entrepreneurial mode or just another trend that Italians are so quick to jump onto? The evening will address this question (in Italian of course) - you're invited to attend and pitch in.



h.19.00 Welcome by Giuliana Videtta, Direttore, Accademia Belle Arti Firenze

h.19.05 Introduction and MC - Tommaso Olivieri, Board Member of ToscanaIN: “Ecosistema dei Digital Maker in Toscana”

h.19.10 Riccardo Marchesi presents the birth of FabLab Firenze, Vice Presidente FabLab Firenze

h.19.20 Cantini Family demonstration of 3D printing on the spot by Kent’s Strapper

h.19.30 LEGO unplugged by Daniele Benedettelli of Benedettelli Robotics

h. 19.40 BrainControl: we're not just playing by Pasquale Fedele of Liquidweb

h. 19.50 We print rock, we rock! by Enrico Dini from Dshape

h. 20.00 Arduino as business building block by Davide Gomba from Officine Arduino

h. 20.10 Dalla terza onda alla terza rivoluzione industriale by Leandrò Agrò, Founder Frontiers of Interaction

After the talks, from 8:30pm to 10pm, there will be a apericena for business networking with food by ZenZero cooperativa equosolidale who has prepared an organic meal for us.

The event is open to card holding members of  ToscanaIN and FabLab Firenze at the cost of 10,00€ per person (which covers costs), and you must sign up at If you're not already a member, no problem, the ToscanaIN card costs only 20 euros per year (calendar year 2012) and you can reserve a spot by email info (at)


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